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Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager

Astro Android App is a File Manager for the Android OS.

It allows you to manage files on your phone without the need for a computer.

Operations you can perform:

  • copy
  • paste
  • move
  • delete
  • open with other apps
  • create folders
  • etc.

What’s convenient about Astro File Manager is the ability to select multiple files to perform actions. Another convenient feature is the ability to Search for files. The app also provides details on Android apps such as package name, version, file size, and even app activities.


ASTRO File Manager Android App features the ability to backup Android Apps to SD card… aband-aid for the loud public cry from Android users who want to free up low internal phone memory without Rooting the phone. This means you can backup the installer files (APK) on your SD Card, then you can uninstall the app. Thus freeing up space but removing the app. To reuse the app, you will have to reinstall the app from the backup.

Download -> Search on Android Market


Antivirus Free for Android

Antivirus Free

Fast and lightweight malicious app protection for your phone

Antivirus Free will detect new applications that are installed on your system, and cross-reference them with our database of known malicious apps.
It uses less than 0.1% of your battery, and will let you know when such an app is detected.

With the hundreds of malicious apps out in the wild, Antivirus Free is a must have for every Android user.

It’s easier to use than the avg antivirus, faster than lookout and lighter on your battery than anything else!

* DroidDream, Geinimi and all of the latest viruses are detected by Antivirus Free!



AccuWeather Quick

31 March 2011 1 comment

AccuWeather Quick
If you’re always on the move, AccuWeather Quick is the weather application for you. This accurate and localized app makes it easy for you to access only the weather information that you want, including current conditions, multiday forecast, hourly data, and radar, satellite, and maps – without any clutter. AccuWeather Quick also uses the accelerometer to make navigation even easier!

Features include:

  • Accurate and localized forecasts for locations worldwide. Updated every hour, forecasts include the most detailed hourly forecasts for the next twelve hours, plus day and night weather forecasts and information for the next nine days, along with a convenient toggle button for viewing both the day and night forecast.
  • The exclusive, patented RealFeel® temperature – AccuWeather’s proprietary weather forecasting system that takes into account multiple weather conditions to determine how the localized temperature actually feels, which may be warmer or colder than the temperature depending on these conditions.
  • Weather watches and warnings for current, severe conditions.
  • Weather display options, including radar for U.S. locations, satellite for non-U.S. locations, and maps for worldwide locations. Users can simply tilt the app to see the radar. Users can also pinch-zoom the radar maps, and scroll vertically or horizontally when viewing in landscape mode.
  • Metric or English unit options, and either a 12- or a 24-hour time display.
  • Supports phones with different resolution levels.
  • Stores as many locations as the user chooses, with simple toggling between locations.

Start accessing the most accurate and localized weather information available from anywhere and at anytime, without any of the clutter, using AccuWeather Quick. Download AccuWeather Quick today at no cost!

Download -> Search on Android Market


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