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The Windows 7 Guide: From Newbies To Pros

29 March 2011 1 comment

The Windows 7 Guide: From Newbies To Pros

Here is another Free eBook for Windows 7 users The Windows 7 Guide: From Newbies To Pros, from MakeUseOf.

This book contains 8 chapters including introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2 – Are We Compatible?

Chapter 3 – Learning the New Taskbar

Chapter 4 – Using and Customizing Windows Aero

Chapter 5 – Windows 7 Libraries

Chapter 6 – Windows 7 Software

Chapter 7: Windows 7 Networking – Easy As Pie

Chapter 8: Windows 7 and Gaming

In this 8 chapter guide, you will be able to switch from your current operating system to Windows 7 with ease. The guide covers everything you need to know from checking if your computer can run Windows 7 to utilizing all of the new features not found on other Windows versions. Plus a few handy tips.

By the end of the guide, you should know how to:

  • Check if Windows 7 is compatible with your PC.
  • Use the new task bar and desktop interface.
  • Customize your user experience.
  • Mange your documents and files properly.
  • Use and install the missing essential software.
  • Setup a home network and share documents and printers.
  • Install and play games.
  • and more

This guide is available only to MakeUseOf fans on Facebook. Click on the ‘Like’ button below to download it from

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The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts eBook

The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts eBook

This eBook comprises of more than 200 keyboard shortcuts containing almost all the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Windows 7 and its default programs like Paint, WordPad, MS Office, Calculator, Help, Media Player, Media Center, Windows Journal, Internet Explorer, etc.

The eBook is pretty exhaustive and the topics covered include:

  • What is Keyboard & how to use it?
  • How keys are organized on a standard Keyboard
  • Typing & editing the text using Keyboard
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Find program shortcuts
  • Choose menus, commands, and options
  • Some useful shortcuts
  • Using the keyboard extras
  • Using navigation keys
  • Using the numeric keypad
  • Three odd keys
  • Use your keyboard safely
  • Create keyboard shortcuts to open programs
  • Make the keyboard easier to use
  • Type without using the keyboard (On-Screen Keyboard)
  • Set On-Screen Keyboard to use for various handy tasks
  • The Shortcuts Collection
  • General Windows functions keyboard shortcuts
  • Dialog box keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts
  • Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts
  • Magnifier keyboard shortcuts
  • Remote Desktop Connection keyboard shortcuts
  • Keyboard shortcuts for MS Paint
  • Keyboard shortcuts for WordPad
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Calculator
  • Windows Journal keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Help viewer keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Media Player keyboard shortcuts
  • Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts
  • Windows Media Center keyboard shortcuts.

The eBook is bookmarks-ready, both in PDF and XPS format, with a fully linked content index.

About the Author

Nitin Agarwal is an independent technology analyst for Windows IT Pro and other Microsoft products. He writes about Windows 7 and gives tech updates on his blog, known as Windows Lifestyle ( He is an active member of Microsoft forums & communities. TheWindowsClub is his favorite Windows discussion forum.

He is Microsoft Certified Professional and also completed various courses, Clinics & certifications conducted by Microsoft eLearning Website. He also attended several of Webcasts, Podcasts & Virtual Techdays sessions conducted by Microsoft MVPs, Professionals & Windows Experts.

Download: The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts eBook.

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Windows 7 for Beginners

Windows 7 for Beginners

We are delighted to release an eBook on the Basics of Windows 7, for beginners. While there are several fine eBooks available, this one is meant especially for the beginner.

The eBook covers topics which would typically interest a novice wanting to start using Windows 7 or a beginner trying to get his hands wet on Windows 7 and includes the following subjects:

– A Brief History

  • Choosing the right version
  • Installation & Upgrade
  • Understanding the new style
  • Management & Networking
  • Security & Maintenance
  • MultiMedia & Gaming
  • Windows Live & Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Keyboard shortcuts and so on.

The eBook has been authored by Windows enthusiast and TWCF Forum member Nithin Ramesh.



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