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The Windows 7 Guide: From Newbies To Pros

The Windows 7 Guide: From Newbies To Pros

Here is another Free eBook for Windows 7 users The Windows 7 Guide: From Newbies To Pros, from MakeUseOf.

This book contains 8 chapters including introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2 – Are We Compatible?

Chapter 3 – Learning the New Taskbar

Chapter 4 – Using and Customizing Windows Aero

Chapter 5 – Windows 7 Libraries

Chapter 6 – Windows 7 Software

Chapter 7: Windows 7 Networking – Easy As Pie

Chapter 8: Windows 7 and Gaming

In this 8 chapter guide, you will be able to switch from your current operating system to Windows 7 with ease. The guide covers everything you need to know from checking if your computer can run Windows 7 to utilizing all of the new features not found on other Windows versions. Plus a few handy tips.

By the end of the guide, you should know how to:

  • Check if Windows 7 is compatible with your PC.
  • Use the new task bar and desktop interface.
  • Customize your user experience.
  • Mange your documents and files properly.
  • Use and install the missing essential software.
  • Setup a home network and share documents and printers.
  • Install and play games.
  • and more

This guide is available only to MakeUseOf fans on Facebook. Click on the ‘Like’ button below to download it from http://www.makeuseof.com/pages/download-the-ultimate-windows-7-guide

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