Quick way to rename files or folder in serial order

Quick way to rename files or folder in serial order

This is a very nice tip with the help of which you can solve an annoying problem. Those of you who have the habit of downloading seasons or episodes of different animated series might have faced a problem to keeping the episodes under a name of similar format. Sometimes it happens that when we download different episodes from different sites then the names of all the episodes vary as per the sites from which they were downloaded and then you would have spent so much of time for allotting them a uniform pattern of the names but today I will be telling you about the solution of this problem and let me remind you that I will not bet using any freeware for this purpose.

It might happen that most of you might be knowing about it already, but for those who do know about it can have a look at it as it is the easiest possible solution. I will assume that all you have a fixed folder in which all the episodes with a random name are kept, now you will have to make sure that they are already aligned in a pattern, in other words I would say that all the episodes would be aligned sequentially inside the folder (as per the sequence of the series). Just follow the steps mentioned below and will be able to do it easily. (I have shown the example with the folders which are supposed to be renamed).

  • Select all the folders.


  • Then press Function key F2 or right click on any of the folder and then click Rename option. As shown in the snapshot below.


  • You will get something similar to the snapshot shown below.


  • Now edit the name of that particular folder and after you do so, you will all the folders or files renamed as per the snapshot shown below.


I think it was a smart way of solving our problem. But still you have got any better solution or suggestion then please do write it in the comments section, we will be glad to share it on your behalf and even if you face any problem while performing this tutorial then again you can do the same by putting it in the comments section, we might help you as we have already performed this tutorial. This solution is expected to be applicable for all the version of Windows.

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