HDShredder, the universal drive deletion tool

  • for easy and secure drive deletion
  • runs even without a working operating system
  • reliable deletion of hard disks and other storage media
  • protects business and personal data ultimately from illegitimate access

HDShredder deletes the contents of hard disks and other mass storage media reliably at physical level. HDShredder can also be applied to individual partitions and user can select to perform the deletion according to international security standards. HDShredder works independent of partition layout, file system, and operating system. It also works with proprietary formats which otherwise would be unaccessible.

Freely selectable deletion patterns
HDShredder offers an editor for deletion patterns. It lets users freely define their own specific deletion patterns as well as entire deletion procedures with up to 398 runs.

We have the following editions:

  • Free Edition
  • The Free Edition of HDShredder deletes hard disks and other storage media ultimately and reliably. Afterwards, these media can be sold or dumped without any risk that former data can be restored, even not with recovery software. The Free Edition is real freeware without obligation to buy and is intended for the short-term usage at no cost. In case of more frequent usage, we recommend using one of the higher editions since they offer additional options which are optimized for regular or professional use.

  • Basic Edition
  • The Basic Edition of HDShredder is conceived for regular utilization, especially for drive deletions with increased security requirements regarding a potential recovery in specialized data laboratories. It offers additional security levels for drive deletion. The highest level implements a recommendation of the British government.

  • Standard Edition
  • The Standard Edition of HDShredder is conceived for frequent and semi-professional use. It especially offers 15 international security standards of data deletion.

  • Professional Edition
  • The Professional Edition of HDShredder is conceived for daily and professional use. It creates detailed deletion protocols, provides international security standards, and lets you freely define your own deletion procedures. These features give technicians and professionals maximum flexibility.

  • Enterprise Edition (NEW)
  • The Enterprise Edition of HDShredder is designed for mass deletion. It allows for mass deletion of all supported drive types. Drive types can be mixed arbitrarily within one deletion run. The Enterprise Edition also offers all features of the Professional Edition.

    Deletion speed: According to the variant used (4x, 8x, 16x), Enterprise Edition deletes to up to 4, 8 or 16 drives at a time. Thereby it achieves up to 60 GB/min and more.

Homepage: http://www.hdshredder.com/

Download page: http://www.miray.de/download/sat.hdshredder.html

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