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UNIX – Lesson 022 – .rhost file


.rhosts” file  is used to control which machines trust other machines for access to your account. If a machine trusts another machines then it will allow a specified user (usually yourself) to access your account without having to enter a password.
If the system administrator has configured the system to use remsh, you can use rcp/rlogin without any additional configuration.
To use rcp, require the following:
  • Read permission on the files you want to copy; read and search permission on all directories.
  • An account (login) on the remote system.
  • A “.rhosts” file in the home directory of the remote system containing the names of the local system and loginame.
Example :
hpabc leslie
Where hpabc is the name of workstation and leaslie is the local loginame.
This setting allows leslie on hpabc to copy files on the remote system containing the ”.rhosts” file.
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